"Ravaan" means “flowing,” as well as “spirit/psyche” in Persian.

Ravaan Persian Dance Company was created in 2012 by Geeti Shirazi Mahajan, with the mission of celebrating Persian (Iranian) artistic expression through dance. Under Geeti's artistic direction, Ravaan had the privilege of being one of the only Persian dance companies in the state of Texas from 2012-2020.  Geeti now focuses on offering specialized choreographies and private instruction for individuals and groups in the following dance styles:

Persian Classical & Contemporary
Persian Sufi-inspired Mystical Dance
Iranian Folk Dances (Gilan-Qasem Abadi, Bandari, Lori)




Classical Dance

Photo credit:  Courtney Sames

Sufi-inspired Mystical Dance

Photo credit:  Stephen Pruitt

Regional Folk Dance (Bandari style)

Photo credit:  Courtney Sames

Geeti Shirazi Mahajan


Geeti is a dancer, teacher and choreographer of Indian and Iranian descent, with over 25 years of experience in classical Indian and Iranian (Persian) dance forms. She trained in Bharata Natyam, a South Indian classical dance, under the tutelage of Smt. Revathi Satyu and Smt. Anuradha Naimpally. Geeti trained in Iranian classical, contemporary, and folk dance with Shahrzad Khorsandi, and served as Assistant Director of Shahrzad Dance Academy. Geeti was also a member of Ballet Afsaneh, a premiere Central Asian dance company, where she studied and performed Tajik, Afghan and Iranian dance forms under Miriam Peretz. Geeti furthered her training in Central Asian dance under Tara Pandeya, a world-renowned Central Asian dancer.  Geeti has had the opportunity to choreograph dances for live performances and music videos for artists such as Atash, Oliver Rajamani, Fared Shafinury, and Agni Entertainment, creating a unique blend of cultural influences that reflects her facility with both South Asian and Middle Eastern dance forms. Geeti served as Artistic Director of Ravaan from 2012-2020, and now focuses on offering dance instruction and specialized choreography.

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