Ravaan Persian Dance Company is dedicated to celebrating Persian (Iranian) artistic expression through dance, and has had the privilege of being the only Persian dance companies in the state of Texas since its creation in 2012.  "Ravaan" has a dual meaning of “flowing,” as well as “spirit/psyche” in Persian, alluding to the water-like and mystical essence of the dance.   Many of the company members have been performing together for over a decade and come from diverse dance backgrounds that span the globe, including Persian, Central Asian, Arabic, Ballet, Indian, Latin American, and Mexican Folkloric.



Ravaan offers performances, classes, workshops and choreographies, specializing in:

  • Classical & Contemporary Persian Dance

  • Sufi-inspired Mystical Persian Dance

  • Regional Folk Dances of Iran (Bandari, Gilan-Qasem Abadi, Kurdi, Lori, Qash'qai )

Ravaan offers solo & group performances for:


  • Cultural events 

  • Arts festivals

  • School & university events

  • Weddings & ceremonies

  • Holidays & rituals 



Ravaan also offers the following in both Persian and Indian Bollywood styles of dance:


  • Specialized choreographies

  • Workshops

  • Private and group classes


Classical Dance

Photo credit:  Courtney Sames

Sufi-inspired Mystical Dance

Photo credit:  Stephen Pruitt

Regional Folk Dance (Bandari style)

Photo credit:  Courtney Sames

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